The Box Project

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Powered by The Salon, The Box Project gives participants the opportunity to give voice to their dreams, aspirations, or a safe space to relinquish their secrets. We often 'box up' our innermost thoughts, drawing lines between what is good, possible or acceptable to share. We store these ideas away for the future or to be forgotten. But, the future is now, and while the past is dead, it lives on in our memories. And we all have a lot more in common that we'd like to think. Community and interconnectivity can only grow when we think outside the box. That is why we're inviting everyone and anyone to submit their dreams, aspirations, and/or secrets as part of a worldwide public art initiative: The Box Project. 

To join the truth movement, submit your words in the box below.

All submissions are anonymous and will remain anonymous. 


What's your secret?

What's your wildest dream or aspiration?


Free yourself & put it out into the world.

Feed it to the box.